Re-UNITA workshops

Research challenges for Cultural Heritage, Circular Economy and Renewable Energies in rural and mountain areas
Apr 18, 2024  >  Apr 19, 2024

In the framework of the Alliance UNITA - Universitas Montium and Re-UNITA - Research for UNITA Project, the University of Beira Interior is organizing a two-day event that will take place in Covilhã, on the 18th and 19th of April.

The Re-UNITA workshops will consist of presentations and round-tables in the scientific areas of Circular Economy, Cultural Heritage and Renewable Energies, being an excellent opportunity of networking to unite researchers from partner Universities and the academic community, and aiming to discuss the scientific advances and the main challenges in each scientific area, as well as promoting the establishment of new collaborations and possibilities for joint responses to international calls for projects or theses co-supervision.

On the first day (April 18th), activities in each Workshop will encompass:

  1. presentations of researchers' work and projects, followed by a Q&A session (PART I)
  2. debate session in a round-table format, with a focus on the discussion of highlighted topics, also followed by a Q&A session (PART II).

On the second day (April 19th), all participants are invited to take part in a Joint Debate during the morning, focusing on the discussion of global challenges faced by rural and mountainous regions in the areas of Circular Economy, Cultural Heritage and Renewable Energies.

After the event, an e-book will be produced as an output of the presentations and discussions held during the workshops.

Researchers interested in actively participating in the workshops (either by presenting their work/results, or participating in round-tables), should get in touch with their Re-UNITA and UNITA colleagues, in order to plan their registration and travels.

Are you ready to debate and network with other colleagues? Would you like to present your research project, and establish international research collaborations?

Get involved in the Re-UNITA workshops and let's build an increasingly innovative UNITA community together!

Register via the dedicated form before March 15th 2024