Open Access strategy

The UNITA Alliance, and in particular the Re-UNITA project, is pursuing its ambition to deploy and strengthen open scientific access for all our research activities.

This ambition is broken down into various concrete activities, described below.

Trainings in Open Science

During 2023, six training modules dedicated to open science were offered to all researchers and students of the UNITA Alliance.

These training modules recordings can be found online:

Call for funding

Supporting open-access publications are published in our 6 Re-UNITA universities.

Re-UNITA will contribute to rewarding 3 Open Access publications by awarding 3 prizes, each worth €1800; one for each scientific field supported by the UNITA alliance: renewable energies, circular economy and cultural heritage, in each university.

Open-Access publications platform

UNITA aims to make scientific publications accessible to as many people as possible, particularly citizens and civil society.

A platform is being used to collect documents of interest, which will be regularly updated and promoted.

> Access the online platform