Re-UNITA project - Research for UNITA

On September 2021, the six universities of the UNITA Alliance began a new project, called “Re-UNITA: Research for UNITA", with a grant of 2 million € from the European Commission, in the framework of the H2020 programme, within the call « Science With and For Society » (SWAFS).  

Highlighting the importance of UNITA and its potential in the field of research and innovation, we aim, during the 3 years of the project, to create an enabling environment for the emergence of a shared research and innovation agenda within the UNITA alliance.


Re-UNITA is coordinated by the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA) involving the whole UNITA consortium (UBI, UNITO, UNIZAR, USMB, UVT).

The partners will have a great opportunity to deeply foster cooperation regarding research and innovation, with five main objectives guiding the activities during the project:

- Developing joint and collaborative European research programmes based on interdisciplinarity – Work Package N°2 led by Université Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB)

Re-UNITA intends to identify the barriers to interdisciplinarity in our universities in order to facilitate collaborative research with high scientific impact and to promote interdisciplinary approaches on its three main themes.

- The development of a common strategy to attract European researchers at all stages of their career and the promotion of the researchers of the Re-UNITA Alliance will allow the development of a strong network of researchers – Work Package N°3 led by Università di Torino (UNITO)

Re-UNITA will aim at developing a common strategy for attracting European researchers at all stages of their careers and to enhance the high potential of the Alliance's human resources. A joint reflection will be carried out in order to improve the training provided to male and female researchers, with a particular focus on gender equality in research.

- Creating an innovative European network of shared infrastructures – Work Package N°4 led by Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR)

Re-UNITA will build on the Alliance's research infrastructures to provide access to more facilities (experimental equipment, library resources, etc.) to develop collaborative and disruptive research and strengthen cooperation with academic and private institutions. Easy access to high-level facilities is crucial to attracting talent and opening up to collaborations.

- Fostering the vitality and socio-economic diversification of mountain regions and cross-border communities Work Package N°5 led by Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI)

Re-UNITA will aim to stimulate synergies between university research and non-university sectors to ensure the economic strength of mountain regions and cross-border communities. This cooperation will maximise the know-how of each of the UNITA partners, and act as a multiplier for the economic benefit of each territory in the alliance. 

- Ensuring the dissemination of research results and the propagation of science in society – Work Package N°6 led by Universitatea de Vest din TimiÈ™oara (UVT)

In order to further its local integration, Re-UNITA will aim to make the Alliance's research expertise known, and will develop communication and sharing around research results through the development of open science concepts. Intensifying the dialogue between the scientific community and civil society will be one of the priorities of this project.

As project coordinator, the UPPA will lead the Work packages n°1 (Management and coordination) and n°7 (Communication and dissemination.

 Re-UNITA Key Information

For any questions regarding Re-UNITA, you can contact:

Clément BARDOUX - Project Manager, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour : clement.bardoux[@]