Renewable Energies

UNITA’s Renewable Energies Hub is one of the three hubs, together with Circular Economy and Cultural heritage, each one of them corresponding to one of the three Axes in which research activities in UNITA universities have been divided.

Each hub is led by a ‘Task Force’, constituted by researchers representing the member universities.

This task force is animated and coordinated by two universities, USMB and UBI.

1st Renewable Energies workshop in Covilhã, October 26-28, 2021

Within the research cartography, more than 120+ projects related to renewable energies can be found, grouped into the following themes and sub-themes:

Energy transformation & Integration - System - Energy carriers
Solar energy
Socio-economic & legal & education aspect
Geothermal energy

Activities achieved so far:

  • PhD thesis in cotutelle
  • Microcredentials
  • Summer Schools
  • Research seminars and workshops

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